Welcome to Dash360

Welcome to Dash360

Welcome to Dash360Welcome to Dash360Welcome to Dash360

Project Management Controls 

 for Big Science and Technology Projects

Welcome to Dash360

Welcome to Dash360

Welcome to Dash360Welcome to Dash360Welcome to Dash360

Project Management Controls 

 for Big Science and Technology Projects

What We Do


Dash360 specializes in the design, development, and implementation of project controls systems for big science projects, including earned value management, risk management, and configuration management.  

We have either been the lead or key contributor of the PMCS Implementation on almost every major telescope and partical accelerator project in the last 15 years, and we can bring that expertise to you. 

We offer the following services:

  1. Schedule Development
  2. Cost Estimating
  3. Earned Value
  4. Risk Management & Monte Carlo
  5. Enterprise Reporting
  6. Training
  7. Gap Analysis
  8. Serve on Committees & Review Teams

Tools Integration & Custom Development

Dash360 experts have provided solutions for some of the world's largest scientific endeavors.  Well versed in all the leading scheduling, earned value and business intelligence applications,  our experts are quick to understand your data, and the various ways you would like to see it presented. The Dash360 platform allows you to view your information in the ways that you are accustomed to seeing it, but it can also provide insightful ways that you may have not considered before. 

Who We Do It For


 “The SKA is a global project to construct and operate the world’s largest radio telescope. With its headquarters in the UK, the thirteen members of the organization, through their institutes and industries around the world are concluding the design of an observatory to be built in Africa and Australia to attack fundamental challenges in astronomy and astrophysics. 

In considering the needs of the observatory project management controls system we turned to Dash360 as our PM portal after reviewing its existing and burgeoning capabilities and their alignment with large project planning and execution. It is a key nexus for our communication both internally and externally as we transition to the start of construction. We are very happy with the support received as we adapted the tool and integrated it into our other systems, and we continue to rely on the team for their outstanding support.”

Joe McMullin – SKA Deputy Director General & Programme Director

How We Do It


Project Management Portal & Interactive Dashboard Platform for Project Managers

 Are you looking for the perfect business intelligence reporting and dashboard tool? Something that easily links to your various project management databases? Something that does not require you to be a programmer?

Well, so were we, and when we could not find it we built it. Most tools have a feature list that can get you some of what you want, but since your organization is unique, you still need something that is tailored to your needs, not the other way around.

The Dash360 platform is a robust dashboard creation and reporting tool that is web-centric, easy to use, and offers extensive functionality right off the bat.

Collect Estimate, Schedule Status & Variance Explanations

It is a big improvement to see all your project management data in one place, but we have taken it a step further and with the Dash360 platform you can also collect data too.

Cost Account Managers can input/import data through the web interface for cost estimates.

Collect monthly status inputs.

Collect variance explanations for earned value where thresholds are tripped.

Data Integration with No Coding Required

Pull scheduling data from Primavera, cost data from Cobra, and easily create custom mappings to other applications. 

Reporting & Analytics

Create stunning visualizations and with advanced filtering, sorting and drill down use Dash360 to review and collect data 

About Us


Co-founders, Kevin and Bill, have implemented project management control systems for some of the world's biggest federally funded projects.  Along the way, we have developed numerous productivity tools and Dash360 leverages all of our experience and is the tool we always needed.

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