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Are you looking for the perfect business intelligence reporting and dashboard tool? Something that easily linked to your desperate project management data bases? Something that did not require you to be a programmer?

Well so were we, and when we could not find it we built it. Most tools have a feature list that can get you some of what you want, but since your organization is unique, you still need something that is tailored to your needs, not the other way around.

The Dash360 platform is a robust dashboard creation and reporting tool that is web-centric, easy to use, and offers extensive functionality right off the bat. What you do not get on day one, we can likely create for you at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Data Integration with No Coding Required

Pull scheduling data from Primavera, cost data from Cobra, and easily create custom mappings to other applications. 

Reporting & Analytics

Create stunning visualizations and with advanced filtering, sorting and drill down use Dash360 to review and collect data 


Custom Application Development

If Dash360 does not have what you are looking for today, let us know and we can create the custom application you desire. 

Project Controls Implementation Consulting Services

Dash360 experts have provided solutions for some of the world's largest scientific endeavors and our BI experts are quick to understand your data, and the various ways you would like to see it presented. Dash360 allows you get at your information in ways that you are accustomed to seeing it, but can also provide insightful ways that you may have not considered before. 

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Proven Project Controls Experts

Dash360 is business intelligence company offering a dashboard creation platform and BI consulting services expertise specializing in the integration of project management databases to create reports, visualizations and applications.

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