Project Management Controls for Big Science & Technology Projects

Dash360 specializes in the design, development, and implementation of project controls systems for big science and technology projects, 

Featuring the Dash360 Software Platform for the creation of cost estimates, budgeting & earned value management, collecting schedule status, and risk management.

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Dash360 Feature Overview

State of the art projects deserve state of the art tools

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Cost Estimating Made Easy

The Dash360 Cost Estimating Module is perfectly suited for projects that require multiple team members to collaborate and provide inputs to generate a detailed Cost Book.

Enter resource assignments, basis of estimates (BOEs), Risks, Comments, Contingency and more. Fully customizable, the Dash360 Cost Estimate module makes capturing cost estimates and all of their related data quick & easy.

Calculate Earned Value

Dash360 also calculates Earned Value (EV)! Set the Earned Value Technique (EVT) on each work package and then run Earned Value. Then, access and visualize your EV data through our Contract Performance Report (CPR).

From the CPR, you and your team can collect variance narratives for a reporting period. Then, Dash360 allows your individual users to send their variance narratives to their administrator. 

It’s all built in. Everything you could ever need to run your project long after the estimating phase.

Earned Value CPR Variance Narrative Entry

Track Your Schedule

Dash360 allows you to see your project schedule all in one place. Imports and exports with P6 allow you to see your resource-loaded costs along with all of the predecessors and successors. 

Collect project schedule status from your team via the Dash360 schedule status views.  The schedule status includes an approval workflow and reports that allow for easy export to P6.

Dashboards & Reports

Visualize your data like never before with the ability to sort, filter and pivot the data, all within your browser. 

Dash360 has common reports like Staffing Plans, Work Package Reports, Cost Books and so much more. Plus, we have a Dashboard Designer so you can design your own.

See your data in a beautiful, modern UI that is easy for your whole team to access in seconds!

Dashboards & Reports
Risk Register

Manage Project Risks

Finally, what project management enterprise tool would be complete without a built in risk register!

Enter risks for your project and track the cost & schedule impact along with the probability of the risk happening and more.

Visualize your project’s risks in a completely customizable risk heat map. Then, run Monte Carlo simulations to see risk cost probability over 1000s of simulations.

Plus, view beautiful risk burndown charts by cost and schedule. Dash360 really has everything you need to take your project to new heights!

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