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Data entry is important, but you need to be able to display, export, import and print your data for it to be useful. This is where Dash360’s Dashboard, Reporting and Analytics module steps in.

Dash360 has reporting and analytics throughout the entire product. Every module has some piece of reporting built-in. For example, the Estimating module has a Work Package Report, Staffing Plan Report and four Cost Estimating Reports. Our Earned Value module has a CPR, RAM, EV Curves, PI Index Report and more.

But, our Reporting module adds in the Cost Estimate Detail Report and the Format 1030 Report. Two important reports that are useful for seeing your data in a new light and bring a new understanding to your project across disciplines.

We also have our Dashboard which allows you to see a custom view of your data all on one screen. It’s a useful tool that gives everyone on your project a quick read of all of the data that is most important to your project. 

Don’t see a report in Dash360 that you wish we had built? Build it yourself using our new Dashboard Designer! This easy-to-use drag and drop tool allows your Admin users to build completely customized Dashboards for other users of your project to view. You can even import Excel spreadsheets of unrelated data into Dash360 and build Dashboards of that data! 


Dash360 Reporting & Analytics

At a Glance

Format 1030 Report

Format 1030 Report

The Dash360 Format 1030 Report allows you to group all of your cost data by the Format 1030 code.

With the Reporting module, you can use the Admin area of Dash360 to assign parts of your resource calculations to a Format 1030 code. Then, use this handy Format 1030 Report to display your costs by code.

This report is often needed by the NSF and other such backers. Now, you can easily build it right in Dash360!

Cost Estimate Detail

Much like the Work Package Report, the Cost Estimate Detail Report allows you to see another view of that same data.

View all of the high-level detail for each Work Package in the Work Package Summary area. Next, the notebook fields are presented in the Work Package Detailed Information section.

Next, see your Risk Assessment and Contingency values for this work package. Then comes the meat of the report. Three completely customizable data grids with your labor, non-labor and travel resource assignments.

Finally, see any BOEs or other attachments at the bottom of the report.

Cost Estimate Detail Report


Do you wish you had one place that all of your fellow team members could go to get a quick overview of how your project is performing? If so, then Dash360’s Dashboard is right for you.

Our Dashboard module allows your team to quickly get an overview of whatever data is most important to you.

Completely customizable, this module allows your team to see your data in an Excel-like table or any of the typical chart types including pie, line and bar charts and more.

Plus, using our Dashboard Designer (see below), any admin of the system can build custom dashboards for the rest of their team!

Dashboard Designer

The Dash360 Dashboard Designer is a full-blown report builder right in your web browser! Don’t see a report your wish we had built-in? Create it yourself with the Dashboard Designer.

All Dash360 admin users can create stunning reports, charts and graphs all in one dashboard for the rest of their team members to access in the Dashboard module.

Using a drag and drop interface, select the columns you need for your report from the interface. Then, use the built-in custom controls to tweak your table, chart or graph.

Give your dashboard a name, and that’s it. All of the rest of your fellow team members can now see it!

Dashboard Designer

Phew! Is that All?

No. Not even close. But, we’ll let you rest for now.

We got to get back to writing more Reporting & Analytics features for all of our hard working project managers and their teams.

But don’t wait too long. There are still 4 more sections to check out!

Be sure to check out the Cost Estimating, Earned Value, Scheduling and Risk sections to learn even more.

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