Cost & Schedule Integration


Whether you are starting your schedule from scratch, or already have one built in P6 or MS Project, Dash360 can help you when planning and moving across the timeline of your project.

For those starting from the beginning, use our Schedule Builder to add milestones and tasks quickly. Then, use our Cost Estimate Form or the Schedule Builder to tie Resource Assignments to their associated tasks. Next, use the Schedule Builder to add predecessors, successors, lags and so much more.

If you are coming from P6 or MS Project, you can use our handy import tool to move your schedule into Dash360. Then, use our Export feature to move everything back into P6. It’s easy two-way integration that can easily be performed on a regular cadence.

Once your schedule is in Dash360, use our Schedule Viewer and Schedule Status Report to collect schedule status from your team every reporting period. No more emails and spreadsheets. Instead, collect them all right here in Dash360. Then, your team administrator can approve the changes and apply them back to the schedule.


Dash360 Scheduling

At a Glance

Schedule Viewer

Schedule Viewer

The Dash360 Schedule Viewer allows you and your team to easily view your schedule in a read-only format.

Whether you are creating your schedule from scratch or modifying it in the Schedule Builder, the Viewer is the place to go to see the most recent approved schedule for your project.

The Viewer allows you to see all of your predecessor & successor relationships. Use the schedule bars to visually view your schedule and their relationships.

Finally, the Status Update tab allows you to collect schedule status from your team each reporting period.

Schedule Builder

Our Schedule Builder is made for both projects that are just starting out with no schedule, or for those teams who are importing a schedule in from another tool.

Easily add, edit and delete milestones, tasks and their relationships.

Add predecessors and successor relationships. Add a lag to a task. Change a task to be start-to-finish instead of finish-to-finish.

Easily attach existing resource assignments to your tasks so you can create a resource-loaded schedule. Because cost/schedule integration is what it’s all about.

Schedule Builder Animation
Schedule Status Update animation

Schedule Status Update

In the past, we always managed getting schedule status from our fellow PMs by sending out emails with separate spreadsheets to each team leader. Then, each leader would update their spreadsheet and send it back to the head honcho who would collate all of the responses back into the master schedule.

What a pain. No more!

With the Schedule Status Update feature, you can capture all of your team status information right in Dash360. All status info is sent to the administrator who can then approve (or reject) each change. Each change can then be pushed back to your Viewer for all to see. Welcome to the future, today.

Phew! Is that All?

No. Not even close. But, we’ll let you rest for now.

We got to get back to writing more Scheduling features for all of our hard working project managers and their teams.

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