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From cost estimating to earned value to scheduling, risk management and reporting, Dash360 has you covered! 

Dashboard Charts
Cost Estimating

An ideal solution for collecting cost estimates from multiple subject matter experts whether they sit next to you or across the world!

Dash360 has a built-in form builder that allows you to quickly and easily add any  type of field to your cost estimating form. 

Next, track your resource assignments with fine-grained monthly cost entry. Attach BOE files, calculate contingency and add comments. Plus, use our Approval Workflow & Signatures feature to provide work package signoff.

Earned Value

Finally, an easy way to view your earned value data and collect variance explanations all in one place.

Our Earned Value module comes complete with a Contract Performance Report (CPR) that allows you to get a view of your project by reporting period and see if you are on budget.

Need to collect cost & schedule variance narratives from your team members every month? Use our built-in variance narrative module and say goodbye to emailed Excel files forever!

Risk Management

Manage your risks with the Dash360 Risk Register complete with a risk register that allows you to keep detailed track of each risk on your project.

Then, view those risks on cost and schedule heat maps to quickly see where your project stands.

Next, use our Monte Carlo simulator to run simulations and play out different scenarios.

Finally, see those risks on risk burndown charts so you can track your progress.


Are you dealing with a mountain of project management data that comes from dozens of different data sources and systems? See all of your PM data in one place with Dash360!

We have many system reports built right in including: multiple Cost Book formats, Staffing Plan Reports, Work Package Reports and so much more.

We also offer robust filtering tools to get at the data you want quickly. Plus, reports have a column chooser and the ability to save user views so you can easily build your own custom report for easy retrieval later.


Just starting off on a new project and need to build a schedule? Use the Schedule Builder to quickly add activities & milestones to your project. With built-in predecessor, successor and relationships, you can build a complex schedule in minutes.

Already have a schedule in another tool like P6 or MS Project? No problem. Use our import tools to move your data into Dash.

Then, use our Schedule Variance Narratives feature to collect schedule status from your team for your P6 schedule right in Dash360! No more emailing spreadsheets!

Change Control

Now that you have a baseline, it’s time for a disciplined change controls system and workflow, to submit, approve and implement changes.

Build sign off approval workflows for your cost estimates. This feature allows multiple team members to sign off on a work package before the estimate is done.

As an admin, you can lock down your projects so team members can no longer change it. You can also use our “Don’t Change Historical Data” flag so data from past months can not be changed. It’s all inside. Take a look!

The Game has Changed
Is Your Team Ready?

The game is changing. The amount of oversight on you and your team is growing. Major backers like the NSF, DOE and DOD expect Monte Carlos, BOEs on every estimate and a plethora of documentation that in years past was not needed. 

Gone are the days of working in spreadsheets and sending hundreds of emails out. How we did things 5 years ago, 15 years ago is changing.

Every project manager of a major multi-billion dollar project that sees Dash360 says one thing over and over again, “Dash360 is a game changer.”

One person doing all of your cost estimate data entry and another person entering all of your schedule information into desktop-based apps is a thing of the past. 

It’s time for you and your team to move to a web-based, multi-collaboration tool with all of your project data in one place. Whether your team sits in one location or 100, people need to be able access the data they need to make decisions without contacting a project manager. 

The time is now, and Dash360 is the solution your team needs.

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